I just got the shaker from http://www.classicdesignconcepts.com !! I was about to take a nap when the UPS guy knocked around 7:30pm.

I was not expecting the package because I called CDC Friday to see if the thing had shipped (web site said 4-5 days to ship) Friday would have been 5 business days - they said it would take another couple of weeks cause they had to make it!!  I was miffed but let it go they said they would email when it shipped (which did not happen).  The thing  did ship on Monday - 2days after I called.  Small customer service issues there but it worked out okay!

Here is the box!


Everything was nicely packed.  The parts are made of a heavy gauge fiberglass appearing stuff.

Here is the top and bottom of the scoop.  This is also where I figured out that the camera was out of focus!

The trim ring that most people hate.  The underside has a 3M self adhesive tape one it.  This ring is thick, almost a 1/4" at the outside edge!  I though I might be able to shave it but not now!


Here is the underpan that mounts on the engine

The air taken in by the scoop is directed by this intake (not big I know)

It is fed out through the "arm" toward the Air Raid filter.

So here are my first impressions.  Quality of construction is excellent. Finish is ready for fresh primer and paint. Performance?  Well this is NOT a closed air system.  It is additional air being forced from the outside into the airbox where it will do what it can.  The Airraid filter will do some small bit I am sure.  I was initially concerend about rain entering the system but i no longer have that fear.

Stay tuned for updates!